25 maaliskuuta 2017

Flowers in Black & White

It's so long I last participated in The Black & White Weekend!
This is how my tulips and a rose look in B&W - wishing you all a great weekend!

23 maaliskuuta 2017

Spring Euforia

It comes every spring. A day when you kind of awaken from a bear's winter sleep.
I had today my awakening moment. The scent of spring in the air and bright sunshine!

1. I want this snow away from my terrace!
I want to put the table and chairs to their place so I chopped the thick snow layers 
into small peaces and think that by tomorrow they have gone.

2. The growth has started!
Here is the evidence. It is every year so astonishing to see how vigorous the plants are.
As soon they pop up from under the snow they start to grow.

3. Decorating the terrace
Probably this Tete à Tete pot shall freeze, but I couldn't  help it....

4. Sowing the herbs
I noticed that my thyme has survived the winter in a splendid state!
I'll sow different basilica varieties very soon onto the window sill...

5. The wood pigeons have arrived!
Wood pigeons are so cute, I love them. Had to content with photos from the last year.

I have had some tiny decorations inside too...
Have you read Hanya Yanagihara's novel A little Life?
In my opinion it was good alright, but oh how violent & disgusting!

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Wishing you all a wonderful & happy spring!
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